RVBoards Allwinner D1 Debian OS images

  • RVBoards provides Debian OS image on Allwinner D1 demo boards.

    How to install Debian on RVBoards Nezha



    Date: Sep 30, 2021

    • U-boot, env, and DTB files can be replaced by scripts. For example:
        (1) Update uboot.bin
            /RVBoards_demo/rvboards_img/uboot_flush.sh uboot.bin
        (2) Update uboot env
           /RVBoards_demo/rvboards_img/uboot_env_flush.sh env.fex
        (3) Update board.dtb
           /RVBoards_demo/rvboards_img/dtb_flush.sh board.dtb
    • Sd card storage space distribution
      (1) the root directory of the file system is 10GB
      (2) expand the storage partition by 19GB. After the system starts, it will be automatically mounted to the directory "/opt".    
      (3) Start the image configuration. After the system starts, the image is automatically mounted to the directory "/RVBoards_demo/rvboards_img/bootImg".
    • The onboard LED light is set as the heartbeat light, flashing once per second
    • Downlod :
      Backup: PerfXLab.cn
      Backup : Baidu Wangpan password:xgb3
    • Mirror burning
      Phoenixcard. exe tool was burned in windowNS. Procedure


    Date:Jun 5, 2021

    • Resize the image to 4GB

    • Support spidev 1.0

    • Download:
      Backup: PerfXLab.cn


    Date:Jun 2, 2021

    • Fixed problem with SD card not being recognized;

    • Fixed 2G memory system loading failure

    • Download:
      Preferred: Google Drive
      Backup: PerfXLab.cn


    Date:May 2, 2021

    • Debian OS, Linux 5.4, LXDE

    • Download:
      Preferred: Baidu Wangpan password:2gdp
      Backup: PerfXLab.cn (md5: 07e82d95f363afa8079047a197620511)

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